We Love English

26 sept. 2013

About hotels

Listen to this listening activity at the check-in of a hotel and answer the questions there. You can listen many times and you can also read the script.

Make a summary of the characteristics of your room and hotel facilities.

25 sept. 2013

Irrational decisions

Watch this presentation by behavioral economist Dan Ariely talking about the way people don´t take rational decisions. Enjoy.

Discuss these questions in class:

- Why are visual illusions a metaphore for rational behavior?
- What does organ donation depend on, according to Ariely´s reasoning? And what does it mean in terms of making decisions or having an illusion of making a decision?
- What does he say about complex decisions with multiple options?
- What experiment did he do with The Economist subscription? What do the results show?
- Why did he experiment with "slightly ugglier versions" of Tom and Jerry?
-  Last but not least, How does he relate the previous examples to behavioral economics and its importance?

23 sept. 2013

Basic English, good communication

Click here and listen to basic English for communication

Listen and repeat, copy the pronunciation.

The store of the future

Watch this video and experience the store of the future.

After watching the video, express your opinions:

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of this hypothetical future store?
- Are you in favour of these initiatives? Why?

22 sept. 2013

An online Personality Test

Do this Personality Test online and check your score. Enjoy!

After completing the test, read it again to find interesting vocabulary and expressions referring to personality types (both adjectives and nouns).

19 sept. 2013

English at work: BBC listening series

This audio series by BBC set in an office of a big company. You can also download the audio and script. Enjoy!

After listening, answer these questions:

- Why is Anna interested in the job?
- What kind of company is Tip Top Trading?

17 sept. 2013

Luxury consumers in emerging markets

Read this article about emerging markets and luxury consumers. You will find very interesting information, vocabulary and expressions.

Answer these questions after reading the article:

-What´s the difference between China in the 60s and China these days? Why is that?
-What does the article say about exclusivity and luxury brands?
-What happens when tourists from emerging countries visit Europe?
-Why is Japan different from other Asian countries?
-What is "the golden age" for luxury goods?

16 sept. 2013

How to cook... in English

Do this quiz by BBC; around the kitchen in English. Enjoy!

The unhealthiest restaurant in the world...

Watch this BBC report about Heart Attack Grill, possbly the unhealthiest fast food restaurant in the world. Click on the picture or on the video link to watch the report.

Watch the report and answer these questions. Enjoy!
- What does the owner say about his restaurant?
- Why do people eat in this restaurant?
- Would you have lunch or dinner in this place? Why?