We Love English

26 ago. 2007

A pale blue dot

Astronomer Carl Sagan´s voice is heard on this video. Maybe some of you do remember his documentary Cosmos? This is Sagan´s attempt to get us, human beings, in perspective within the vastness of the universe. Watch the scene, work with your teacher on its vocabulary, and watch it again, as many times as you feel like. Real food for thought. Enjoy it.

21 ago. 2007

What´s your dream job?

Play this game listening to six people talking about their dream jobs. Different accents, different jobs, very nice material to work with. Just click here. As usual, you can repeat the listening as many times as you want. Have fun!

20 ago. 2007

A woman, a man and a horse.

Listen to different descriptions to identify the corresponding photographs. Are the descriptions about a woman, a man and a woman, a horse a man and a woman? Listen and follow the activity on the web-page. If you have problems with understanding, you can read the script clicking on "tapescript" on the page. Click here.

12 ago. 2007

News programme listening quiz

Enjoy this set of short sequences while doing a multiple-choice. You can also read the tapescript by pressing that button on the page. Good and varied material. To listen to it click here.

Money in life and in marriage

This is a great activity to practise vocabulary and expressions connected money savings and sharing it when married! You can listen to the conversation, read the tapesript as you listen, or do a multiple choice exercise by pressing "slide quiz" on the page. To start listening just click here.

8 ago. 2007

The media Revolution

What´s the future of the media, and what´s our future like in this sense? Interesting and controversial short futuristic documentary on Prometheus - the media revolution. The video is captioned in English, so it will be easy to follow. Have a good time.

6 ago. 2007

Steve Jobs by Steve Jobs. Don´t miss it!

I know we have other videos with Steve Jobs as protagonist. This time, you have Mr. Jobs talking about memories from his life. I do recommend watching it, it´s interesting, inspiring and really makes you think about a number of things in life. Thanks, Martin, for sending the link and for suggesting including this material in the blog. I hope you all enjoy it very much as well.

5 ago. 2007

Colours in context

A conversation about colours and where you find them. Activities of all types about this topic. Really excellent material. Click here. and start working.

Numbers, dates, birthdays.

For beginners who want to practise numbers: 13 or 30? 14 or 40? etc, this is a nice video with people talking about their ages and their birthdays. Very good to practise cardinal and ordinal numbers. Watch the sequence with your teacher and have fun!

Real people, easy English.

Watch the video as often as you like. You will see different people giving personal information. The second part of the video brings captions in English to help you understand all they say. Have a good time!

Phrasal Verbs, our friends!

This is not audio or video, but a very nicely organized page to check meanings of usual phrasal verbs, examples to see them " in action" , and activities online to work with our dear friends, phrasal verbs. Let´s give them a try by clicking here. Have fun!